Small Groups

The Quackenbush Small Group

Bill & Julia

Wednesday Nights | 7:00 PM

“Our goal as a small group is to connect with people in a way that is open and safe to share life together, being real about who we are and what God is doing in our lives through fellowship, fun, and allowing the Spirit to lead us. We want to have time to worship, pray and just be together with no need to feel like we have to “perform.” Just free to be who God created us to be! Our primary focus will be on relationships, starting with our relationship with God, then spouse, kids, family, church, and all those that are in our circle of influence.” – Bill

For more information or for the address of the meeting location, please email Bill at

The Lawter Small Group

Rodney & Sharon

Wednesday Nights | 6:30 PM

“We envision our small group as
a place where we gather as “family” and grow in our
knowledge and wisdom of Jesus as we employ the gifts
God has given each one of us.”
– Rodney

For more information or for the address of the meeting location, please email Rodney at

"My favorite part of small group was starting with worship before we dug into the study.
It prepared our heart and provided an atmosphere for God's presence in our midst."
Dustin Dean

What are Small Groups?

Small groups are simple. They are the missing puzzle piece that people often never find in church. So many times, folks come to church week after week and there is no impact from the service, no relationships with other Christians, and no in-depth discussions about what the Bible says. 
Typically, people walk into church, awkwardly ask how people are doing, only to have the same response every time, then they shake hands as they say, “see ya next week.”
What if there was more to church? There is!

That’s where small groups come in.
As Christians, God has told us to encourage other Christians, to teach them, to eat with them, and do life with them! 
Small groups allow us to do just that.
Joining a small group will stretch your faith to new measures and you’ll have people who you can talk to, lean on, and call on when life gets a little too hard to handle. 
Sound like something you may be interested in? Scroll back up and contact a small group leader. 

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Sunday Mornings | 10:30 AM